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Touchdown in Lima!


We arrived in Lima sleep deprived, but topped up with mucho comida (lots of food) as our flite attendants made sure we wanted for nothing. Am sure we were quite a sight to behold; bedhead and bleary-eyed as we exited the airport. However as always this does not dissuade the assault of taxi drivers wanting to whisk you to your accommodation or their "specially priced" hotel.

Our arranged B&B casa was located on a quiet backstreet in the suburb of Barranco in Lima. Our hosts Francesco and Carmen and their Peruvian dog Paco were welcoming. Ok maybe not Paco, but great guard dog! Our room was colourful, eclectic and comfortable. Francesco is Italian (go figure), and the conductor of the casa. He loves to chat and is a wealth of info. His wife, Carmen is Peruvian and they have been operating the B&B for about 6 years. We enjoyed several mornings of conversation with other guests, Francesco and his semi-permanent resident a young Spanish guy who left us giggling often.



Lima is an incredible city; cosmopolitan, bohemian and wealthy, and the city setting spectacular bordered by mountains and the Pacific. The Malecon (our version of seawall walk), is absolutely stunning. It runs along the coast atop high cliffs overlooking the sea. There are many lovely parques along the way with great vistas & of course the people watching is stellar!


We are already awestruck by the history and vast number of archaeological sites there are here. Our first visit was to a huaca (temple) site right in the middle of Lima. This area originally encompassed 20 hectares, a massive administration, festival and worship structure complete with gardens. Today 6 hectares are protected and are still being excavated after 32 years with further excavation to continue for another 20 years! The remaining 14 hectares of this site have been directly built on. It is very strange to be standing on top of an ancient site looking directly at the terrazas of the condos across the street.

We are now snuggled into our apartment in the city of Trujillo , 9 hours north of Lima. A very different look and feel here. We are so lucky to be here at this time as the National Competition of Marinera begins this weekend. The Marinera dance is a folk dance that depicts an older wealthy woman seducing a younger man. This competition is an all ages event and I mean all ages from 3-4 yr olds to seniors. Should be very fun. We are heading to our first event today.


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Almost there


Wow, it feels like we have been driving with the brakes on for two months; wanting to travel to Lima yet having many tasks to complete prior to our departure. As well, it is always difficult to part from family and friends. I believe that our planning and checklists would rival that of the last space shuttle. Far more interesting would be the blogs and thoughts of my bro and neighbour as they received what seemed to be an endless, and at times redundant list of requests.

Alas, it's Star Date 2013, 11, 01 we departed Nanaimo for visits with family and friends on the far side of the Salish sea. What finer way to leave Canada than to visit a brew pub with dear friends followed by a shared meal.

So here we are in LAX sleep deprived, dehydrated, and both soooo excited by the next leg of our fab trip together.

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Getting Closer

On your mark . . .

Well we did it! Car parked in garage! I'm not saying that this was a challenge, however I do want to thank the Nanaimo Fire Dept. for extricating my sweetie! I marvelled at how quickly the jaws of life liberated her from her Rabbit.


I thought that getting the car into the garage was a challenge until we attempted to create a blog! It wasn't pretty, let me tell you!

We certainly hope that our efforts have paid off and you can join us on our journey.

Rod & Carole.

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First things First

First Things First

Indeed, there have been many challenges that the Peru Perusars have faced, as excitement builds for their January departure. To name a few: balancing the various medical/vaccine appointments, tending to household responsibilities, ensuring that our home is ready for its dormancy period and the seemingly endless list continues.
There has been no greater challenge (for me, Rod) than to determine how I am to put the "caramilk into the caramilk bar". Ah the metaphors begin! I have had the perplexing challenge of somehow fitting one of our vehicles into the garage. Let's be clear . . . most of the contents of the garage belong to yours truly, who is attempting to "let go" of a few things inorder to make room for una coche.
This car . . .


Must fit here

Stay tuned . . .

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